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Annual Statement of Pension Benefits

TRA provides annual statements for the last five fiscal years, upon finalization of payroll reporting for the fiscal year.

To access your annual statement of benefits, go to your MyTRA account (link at the top of this page).

If you require an annual statement for an earlier fiscal year, or you wish to have a copy of your annual statement mailed to you, please contact TRA customer service center at 1-800-657-3669.

Print your statement

Step 1. Log into your MyTRA account.

Step 2. Click on the Annual Statement link.

Step 3. Select a fiscal year.

Step 4. Open the Annual Statement.pdf file.

This step is browser dependent; refer to your browser instructions.

Review your information

All of the information on your annual statement is available on your Welcome page whenever you need it.

Account Value

The refund value of your account as of June 30 is displayed on the Welcome page.

If you terminate service with all TRA-eligible employers, the refund value of your account is the total of your contributions and accrued interest.

Employer contributions and interest are not reflected in the ending balance.

Account Activity, Service Credit and Contributions

Click on Salary & Service Credit to view a fiscal year breakdown of salary, service credit earned, and TRA contributions.

The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

Note: A member may not earn more than one (1) full year of service credit in any fiscal year.

Fiscal year breakdown of payroll
This grid displays your service credit, salary, and deductions.

Salary quoted reflects salary actually paid to you during the time period July 1 through June 30,

Leave of Absence

Click on Leave of Absence to view the begin and end dates of your leaves.

If you were on leave and it is not indicated, please let us know.  You may be eligible to purchase retirement service credit by making a lump sum payment to TRA.

If your leave spans more than one fiscal year, it will be listed twice.


Your vested status in on the Welcome page.

Vesting means you have earned enough service credit to be eligible for a monthly retirement benefit other than a refund of your contributions and interest.

Benefit Estimate

The calculator enables you to model retirement scenarios for all life plans, include years of combined services, and generate survivor estimates.

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