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Part-Time Teacher Program

You may be eligible to purchase full-time service credit for part-time teaching service if any one of the following describes the status of your career:


You are eligible to participate in the part-time teacher program for up to 10 years if you:

Your participation in the program is based on a full fiscal year and your employment pattern during the most recent fiscal year. While participating in the program, earnings must not exceed 80 percent of your salary for that fiscal year.

Participation is for full fiscal years only, except for MnSCU, which can be for a full or half-year, as explained in a separate paragraph. If you retire, your retirement effective date occurs when the school year would have ended had you been employed full time.

If you terminate service during the fiscal year, you will acquire credit only for the actual service performed, and excess contributions will be refunded.

During any year of participation in the program, service credit may not accrue for teaching service with any other employer covered by our association.

MnSCU provision: If teaching occurs only in the first semester and you retire immediately thereafter, participation in the part-time program will be based on one-half year. Program participants must teach the equivalent of at least 15 percent, but may not earn more than 40 percent of a full-time contract.

Payment information

Your employer must report part-time teacher agreements online at the TRA website by October 1 of the year of participation. The deadline for legislators is as soon as possible after the election, but no later than March 1 of the school year for which contributions will be made.

Member contributions are based on your salary as if you were employed on a full-time basis.

You and your employer decide who is responsible to pay the employer contributions on the unearned portion of your salary, and which proportion you each will pay.

If you pay the employer contributions, they are not tax-sheltered dollars. Member and employer contribution amounts are remitted to us along with the regular payroll remittance made by your employer.

Additional information

A teacher who receives full service credit due to participation in the part-time teacher program may not accrue service credit in any other Minnesota public employee pension plan, except the legislative plan or a volunteer firefighters’ relief association.

Please contact your human resources office for information about qualified part-time employment and its effect on your compensation and fringe benefits, including severance pay.

If you have questions or need additional information about retirement service credit and the part-time teacher program, please call us at 651-296-2409 or 800-657-3669.


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