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Information for Survivors

We understand that dealing with any death is difficult, but at the same time, it is important to take care of business matters such as contacting the Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) to notify us of the death of a member. There are certain steps to take when reporting a death so TRA can discontinue benefit payments to the member and begin the process of administering survivor benefits, if applicable.

Reporting the Death of TRA Benefit Recipient

Contact TRA at 651-296-2409 or 800-657-3669 to report the death of a TRA benefit recipient. Please have the member’s name and Social Security number or TRA number available when you call.

TRA will then provide information to the member’s representative about any survivor benefit options available. We will also request a certified copy of:

Copies will be made and all originals will be returned to you.

*Additional verification of name changes may be requested.

Overpayment of Benefits

If an overpayment of benefits has occurred as the result of a member’s death, and if no further benefits are payable to a surviving spouse, all payments made after the date of death must be repaid in full to the Teachers Retirement Association.

If the member filed a direct deposit designation, TRA will send notice to the financial institution requesting return of all payments issued after the date of death. In the event the financial institution is unable to return the payment, the joint account holder(s) are obligated to repay all overpayments.

In the event that an overpayment is not repaid, a claim will be served by TRA against the estate of the member.


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