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Calculate an Estimate of Your Benefits


This benefit estimate calculator was designed for use by individuals who are considering electing membership in the Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association (TRA).


If the results of your estimate differ from your official estimate at retirement, the official estimate will be used to calculate your monthly benefit. The accuracy of your estimate depends on how closely the variables you enter on the input page match those at retirement. These calculators, which do not cover all options, provide unofficial estimates. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the results of any calculation you have done, please call 800-657-3669.

I have read and understand this disclaimer; important information on estimate assumptions and calculator features follow.

I am ready to do an estimate.

Retirement Benefit
estimate retirement benefit if you plan to continue teaching until retirement

Disability Benefit
estimate amount of coverage that would be paid if you become totally and permanently disabled under TRA law

Survivor Benefits
estimate the monthly benefit amount payable to your spouse or designated joint and survivor beneficiary(ies) should you die before you retire

Deferred Retirement Benefit
estimate retirement benefit if you plan to terminate your TRA-covered position before reaching retirement age and defer receiving your benefit until a later date

Estimate Assumptions

Since there are a number of variables which when considered together, determine your monthly payment, using the most accurate information on your service credit, projected high-five salary and other factors will ensure that you receive a reliable estimate. When prompted, you'll need to choose a date for your anticipated retirement, determine your projected years of service credit and high-five average salary at the time you retire. To help you plan, try using various combinations of retirement dates and salary figures to immediately see how changes in this information impact your estimated monthly and/or beneficiary payments.

Calculator Features

This calculator will:

Calculator Limitations

This calculator will not:


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