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Welcome to TRA.Video!

These presentations provide a general overview of various topics and are convenient to watch, even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Videos for members:

  1. Your pension plan
  2. Register a MyTRA online account
  3. Schedule an appointment on the TRA website
  4. Combined Service Annuity (CSA)
  5. Choosing a Plan that is right for you
  6. Create a retirement benefit estimate
  7. Choosing whether to accelerate your benefit
  8. Completing your retirement application
  9. Pre-retirement beneficiary options
  10. Refund of contributions

Videos for employers:


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After viewing the videos/webinars, we would appreciate you taking the time to complete the following five-question survey so we can gather valuable feedback about the content of the presentations, future topics of interest, and your opinion about using alternative methods of communication to learn about your benefits.

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Your pension plan

Your pension is an important benefit you receive as a Minnesota public school educator
(3 mins).


Register a MyTRA online account

To create an online account you must create a user name and password. Remember, this is not mandatory -- you need only register if you want to access your information online, generate a benefit estimate, or make a counseling appointment on the website.



Schedule an appointment on the TRA website

You can schedule a counseling appointment on the TRA website in addition to calling (5 mins).

Note: You must have a MyTRA online account.

Quick Reference Guide to scheduling an appointment


Combined Service Annuity (CSA)

Combining TRA service with service from other Minnesota public pension funds (MSRS, PERA, SPTRFA) can result in a higher benefit payment (4 min 7 sec).

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Presentation slides



Choosing A Plan That is Right For You

This video explains the differences among the six annuity plans and the benefits available to you and your beneficiary (4 min 47 sec).

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Presentation slides



Create a retirement benefit estimate

How much will you get when you retire? Use our online estimate calculator to calculate your benefit under all six annuity plans (4 min 41 sec).

Reference information



Choosing Whether to Accelerate Your Benefit

Accelerating your benefit to age 62, 65 or normal retirement age. Is it right for you?
(4 min 45 sec)

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Completing Your Retirement Application

Instructions for completing the TRA Retirement Annuity Application (15 min 10 sec).



Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Options

As a member of TRA, certain benefits are available to your survivors if you die before retiring.

This video describes the pre-retirement beneficiary options for single and married members (2 min 17 sec).

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Refund of Contributions

If you terminate teaching service, you are entitled to a refund of your employee contributions, plus interest. Employer contributions are not included in the refund amount.

If you are vested with three or more years of service credit, we encourage you to consider a deferred annuity before making an application for a refund because of the potential greater value of a lifetime annuity.

This video describes requesting a refund of your contributions, your options and the implications (4 min 48 sec).

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Introduction to Employer Reporting    
    View Video 7 min 43 sec Script/text only
Service Credit for Employers    
    View Video 16 min Transcript



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