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Posted: 01.10.11

Visitor security policy

The Teachers Retirement Association is always striving to ensure that member data remains secure and that our TRA offices are safe for members, visitors and staff.

As part of our ongoing security initiative, beginning February 1, 2011, members will be required to present photo identification when visiting a TRA office, including satellite offices, as well as all other counseling locations.

Acceptable forms of ID include any of the following:

As long as the photo ID presented matches the member’s identity, it need not be current, such as an expired driver’s license.

Why is it necessary to initiate this new security policy? When a member meets with a TRA counselor, that discussion includes member-specific account information. We believe it is important to take that extra step to verify that we are discussing sensitive account information with the appropriate person.

Similar security measures are being enforced for all other visitors to our TRA offices, such as vendors, technicians, short-term staff, etc.

Although checking in prior to your appointment may take a moment or two longer, we hope you understand that this security precaution is being implemented in your best interest, and to ensure the security of TRA account information.


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